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Welcome to MiKandi HTML5 Game Studios. This guide will get your game ready to publish on the MiKandi Adult Game Network. You will also be able to distribute the games yourself using our easy-to-share Adult Game Feed.  Here you'll find the documentation describing the MiKandi HTML5 Game Documentation, MiKandi Ad SDK and our game integration process and requirements. 

Follow the Step By Step Guide below to prepare your games for distribution and monetization. 

Need help with integration or comments/suggestions on how we can improve our services? Please reach out to us at

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Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Sign up for a MiKandi Publisher account

First sign up to become a MiKandi Publisher to agree to our publisher policies and generate your unique Publisher ID.

Step 2: Game Standard Requirements

Publishing your game in our network means millions of players will potentially play your game. That also means we need to ensure we deliver high quality games to our distribution partners and ultimately the fans. We have set some basic requirements for HTML5 games to get accepted into our network, so please read carefully. 

Step 3: Add Logo

The App Store branding logo is typically a small logo on the home screen or various screens of the game to remind the player where they can play the game. It is also an important part of the cross-promotional strategies that benefits every game developer involved in the network. Players often play more than one game and this how we bring more traffic and players to you.

Step 4: Get Started with MiKandi Ads for your HTML5 Games 

The MiKandi Ads for HTML5 Games is how we serve the "Loading/Splash" screen and "More Games" Button.

Step 5: Upload Your Games

Sweet! We're almost there. Now that the games are ready to publish, upload your games via FTP.  Include marketing materials, such as game descriptions, icon, screenshots and promotional material.

Step 6: Share Your Games

Congratulations! Your game is now benefitting from the distribution power of the MiKandi Network.  We've made it super simple to share your games with our easy copy/paste embed widget.  The easier it is to share, the more traffic and players you will get! We also offer a more advanced JSON Adult Game Feed so you can customize an integration of our entire game catalog directly on your site. 

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